Football Indonesia Grieving! Victims of the Bobotoh Strike Died

Ricko Andrean Maulana, a supporter of Persib Bandung who became the victim of beating bobotoh, passed away. He breathed his last on Thursday (7/27/2017), after being treated intensively at Santo Yusuf Hospital, Bandung City.

Ricko died around 10:10 pm. He was the victim of the wrong target bobotoh pengeroyokan.

When the incident, Ricko trying to help members of Jak Mania who was beaten by bobotoh person in the north stands GBLA Stadium, Saturday (22/07/2017). Ricko’s good intentions became a disaster for him because he was the victim.

This incident is the concern of Persib and management squad. Some players like Atep, Kim Kurniawan and manager Umuh Muchtar had visited Ricko at the hospital.

Had reportedly improved conditions. But the sad news that was received on Thursday morning because he had breathed his last.

Of course this became a slap for bobotoh to be more mature when supporting Persib. Not only that, this tragedy is also a lesson for all fans in the country to remove all forms of violence inside and outside the field.