Related Barcelona, ​​La Liga Presidential Policy Questionable

The way the Spanish La Liga president, Javier Tebas, in treating FC Barcelona lately makes his appropriateness as the leader of league operators increasingly questionable.

Condition Catalonia which is the base of FC Barcelona is currently heating up.

This is due to the intention of one regional in Spain to hold a referendum in order to liberate themselves on Sunday (01/10/2017).

Under Spanish law, a referendum is illegal.

As a result, the attitude of the Catalunya community to independence led the Spanish police to intervene and bring riots in various places in Catalonia.

The Catalonia referendum schedule coincides with the Spanish La Liga match between FC Barcelona against Las Palmas at Camp Nou Stadium on Sunday (01/10/2017).

Barcelona had asked permission to the Spanish La Liga to back off the match schedule so that their supporters can still watch the game.

However, this is immediately rejected Javier Tebas. 55-year-old man was even a threat to Barcelona if failed to hold matches in accordance with his schedule.

The biggest threat that Tless delivers to Barcelona if it fails to hold this game in the form of cutting six points.

This seems to indicate the political element and do not give tolerance to Barcelona, ​​given the conditions around the middle of the game is not conducive to the game.

As a result, Barcelona also held a match at Camp Nou in front of 90,000 empty seats.

On the other hand, Tebas granted the Las Palmas permission to include elements of the Spanish flag in their uniforms for the game in order to voice unity for their country.

This impartiality to Barcelona is not the first time Tebas has done.

During his term, Tebas’s decisions are also suspected to have brought long-term disputes with Barcelona.

The man who is a Real Madrid fan is also a known figure often put forward his personal opinion in deciding openly.

With his attitude during his presidency of LFP and his actions over the last few days, Tebas is seen as unfit as a leader.

Tebas is also considered to have no objectivity as a leader of La Liga Spain to bring justice to all its members, including Barcelona.