Tite Lift Speak Jorginho’s Decision in the national team

Brazilian national team tactics spokesman, Tite confirmed that he had spoken with Napoli midfielder, Jorginho A55bet.com. It was related decision Jorginho who prefer to defend the Italian national team rather than Brazil.

The reason, Jorginho has twice defended the Italian national team in a friendly match, so he still has a chance to defend the Brazil national team as a country of his birth in the future.

“I have spoken privately with Jorginho after meeting the Federation (CBF), and I have been watching him. I have explained the situation in detail when communicating over the phone, and I say that the decision is in his hands, this will be a very important decision for his karoer, “Tite told local media.

“Sylvinho has followed him to join Italy, we have already talked about it and the characteristics that he can bring to the squad of Brazil. We’ll see what happens in the future, “he said.