Valencia The Right Choice For Zaza

Father of Simone Zaza, Antonio Zaza reveals if his son has been too much criticism while still defending Juventus which makes his son difficult to grow and not productive.

“Zaza got a lot of criticism and need to rediscover its serenity. He showed it in Spain. Zaza proves what he can do, “his father told local media.

“Valencia is the best option Zaza has made. Players need to understand, Zaza needs a club that believes in him all the time. And now Zaza has a goal to score as many goals as possible for Valencia. ”

Meanwhile, Zaza failed to appear slick when brought Juventus from Sassuolo in 2015 ago. Annual season, Bianconeri management lend the player to West Ham United.

However, Zaza difficulty adapting to the style of the Premier League game. And make the 26-year-old is not able to score a goal in 11 matches with West Ham.